//Carvical Pillow FA2

Carvical Pillow FA2

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A wave-shaped high-low pillow of natural latex

The pillow is wave-shaped and has a parallel surface as well as a high air permeability, which conforms to ergonomics. Also, it is featured in high resilience, which supports the natural physiological curve in the head, neck and shoulders well, effectively preventing snore and maintaining the normal curvature of cervical vertebra.

Target users:

Recommended for those who prefer a high pillow with a soft inner instead of massage granules.

Size: 60 x 40 x 10/12 cm, Density: 45 D
The latex can not be machine-washed or exposed to direct sunlight


188 in stock

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  • Reduce neck muscle tension and fatigue effectively
  • Honeycomb design to achieve excellent ventilation and dissipate
  • Good flexibility optimizes body pressure distribution
  • Environmentally friendly and harmless
  • Non-toxic, anti-mite, anti-bacteria and hypoallergenic
  • Reduce the static charge during sleep
  • Ergonomically design promotes sleep effectively
  • Latex shaped by hi-tech science with durable and no deformation

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